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The job of raising children is very difficult when you have other commitments to take care of. That’s where Blessed Nannies come in. We are a Child Care business aiming at easing up your life as we assume the delicate task of looking after your priceless possession “Your Children”. Choosing the right people to take care of your children is one of the most important decisions a family or a parent has to take.

Trusted Nannies

You need someone who is trust worth, experienced and knowledgeable to be able to accomplish this honourable task. We at Blessed Nannies have all of the above in abundance. We do not take your trust on us for grunted and for this reason we make sure that we discharge our duties to your expectations. We believe that a satisfied client is the basis of our growth so we strive for the best results possible.

What to Know

Many People think that a Nanny and a Babysitter is one and the same thing. The reality is that they are different, and it is very important to understand the difference before committing oneself into hiring one. The difference might not seem huge, but without understanding these differences, one might end up dissatisfied with the service simply because they hired the wrong services. Small as the deference might appear, it might affect the outcome of your expectations if you choose wrongly.

Baby Sitter

A Babysitter is mostly someone who takes care of a Child or Children on behalf of Parents or Guardians. Contrary to popular belief, a Babysitter takes care of children of all ages and not only toddlers as many may think. Babysitters are mostly hired on Part-Time basis, though an arrangement can be made to redefine their role as per the hiring family’s needs. They might be used to fill in when the parents or guardians have other schedules to attend which might mean working only on selected days per week.


A Nanny is somewhat an advanced level from a Babysitter. They are totally responsible for every aspect of the child’s well-being and development. A Nanny takes full responsibility of schedules in a child’s life ranging from activities aimed at mental and physical wellness of the child to diets and emotional growth of the Child. Due to these responsibilities, Nannies are mostly considered part of the family and in some cases they are even considered co-parents due to their parent-like responsibilities.